About us

With our headoffice in Stockholm, Sweden and devlopment partners in India, Serbia and Vietnam, we are multi-cultural and diverse and are very well connected with our distributed team and global talent market. Talent and technology is in our heart and what we strive for. We turn your ideas into plans and your plans into actions. We provide talent on demand, virtual teams, project based engagement and full outsourcing.


"To connect our customers with best available talent"

Our values
  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Tight communication
  • Passion to excel

Why Active Talents?

Active Talents provide IT development outsourcing as well as Human Resources services within Asia and Europe. With these two core teams in place with our help, you can easily set up your new office anywhere. We partner with local companies in many cities so you have less to worry about your paperwork and local country related formalities. You can hire a full team or a single candidate from us.

We have over 10 years of global experience leading and setting up development teams from vendor and client side in countries like India, Serbia and Vietnam. We don't work as middlemen, we work as close partners with professional processes and vendors.

For Design and UX we prefer to use our senior Nordic partners. With this perfect mix of offshore development and Nordic design kept together with processes for work efficiency and quality assurance we can deliver and maintain world class products to a reasonable price over time.

Do you want to setup your own Offshore development center (ODC) Or do you just want to outsource a smaller IT project?

We can be there for you all the way.

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