Web development

UI / Frontend

React, Gatsby, Vue, Nuxt, Node, SCSS or just pure HTML and CSS. We convert any design into a real User experiences for any screen size or device.

Design systems

Design systems and Style guides is one off our passions. Securing the digital Brand identity over multiple applications. Guidelines, code standards and re-usable components.

Headless CMS

Use one content hub for all your apps. The Headless approach is to seperate the UI from the Backend.


Of course we handle one of the worlds most used CMS plattforms. We prefer Custom themes to ensure that everything is unique.


Certified by Scrum alliance we can support teams as Scrum Masters and take care of full products as Product owners


Outsourcing is one of our expert areas. Setting up distrubuted teams, everyting from small teams to fully operational ODC:s.

Human resources

Talent Acquisition

With experience from a wide range of small to big global companies. We can help you find the Talent you need.

Hire/Rent a Recruiter

Solve your hiring problems with our understanding team of HR personnel dedicated to your project..

Job Advertisement

Spread your job across social media to get more candidate traffic.

Resume/CV Writing

Get noticed by recruiters and stand-out from the crowd.

LinkedIn Profile update

Increase views to your profile with our expert guidance.